Building a Yoga Foundation- Day 1

Today I was joined on the mat by my lovely daughter. :) We did day 1 of RISE, the Yoga with Adriene morning routine program. This new program started off nice and easy with a gentle practice that left us warmed up, stretched and energized. Beginning practice

RISE Day 1

RISE Day 1 twist

RISE day 1 garland pose Then we moved on the our Foundation videos for Day 1 on the Building a Yoga Foundation calendar. The first video was for "The Easy Pose" or Sukhasana. This pose reminded us to be aware of our posture and sit with ease, remembering to keep head over heart and heart over pelvis.

My daughter tends to slouch when sitting, as most children seem to do. She found that this pose made her back hurt by trying to maintain this correct posture. She said it felt better for her to slouch because that was what she was used to. But, she stuck with it and at the end, rewarded herself with some resting in Child's Pose.

Easy Pose

Next, we moved on the "Staff Pose" or Dandasana. This video proved to be a strengthening pose for our legs for both of us. Staff Pose seems so easy but yet there is so much to it when done correctly. I really like the way Adriene worked us through the pose. She brought out little fine points that were beneficial in bringing awareness to the whole body. Reminded me again to be grateful for my spine which does so much for me.Staff Pose It was a lovely Day 1. So nice to have my daughter practice with me too! Overall today was just lovely. Lots of quality time with my husband and kids. We pulled out old board games that we haven't played in awhile, taught the kids new games, drank hot tea and coffee, went for a beautiful afternoon walk, spent some time writing and finished the day baking cupcakes together.

Tomorrow it is back to the hustle and bustle of the week but I have a feeling it is going to be a great week! It is already off to such a good start. :)