Building a Yoga Foundation- Day 11

IMG_3867Soon after I woke up this morning, my neck got a pinch in it and before I knew it my neck was stiff and my shoulder was aching again, almost as bad as when I first injured it. I started getting frustrated about it because I have worked so hard in physical therapy to get myself back to normal again and back to my job as a bedside nurse. I started worrying again about my future as a bedside nurse and about if I was going to be ready to go back in a month or if it was going to take longer now.

RISE Day 11

I started off my RISE practice today with gentle neck rolls to loosen up my tight neck muscles. I did RISE Day #2 practice.

IMG_3868I moved slowly and very carefully, being mindful of the tightness in both my neck and shoulder. I incorporated a lot of movement with the poses too. There was little holding of the poses for me. I think that was helpful in getting the muscles to relax and limber up some. This is probably one of the most valuable things I have learned from Adriene. To "find freedom within the flow/form/practice" and to "find what feels good".

While it is important to do yoga poses correctly and with proper alignment to prevent injury, I am so happy I have found the freedom to listen to what my body needs and not be hung up on following along rigidly. I used to feel like if I did not do a pose exactly as the teacher showed then I might as well not even be doing it. Perfectionism is the biggest hurdle to success because we are so afraid of doing something wrong that we don't do anything at all. 

Shortly after beginning my practice, my intention for the day came to me- Be Present. Such a powerful intention. Worry about the future is not going to take away any of the problems in the future. All worry does is take away my peace today. At this point I set my intention for the day and let the worries go. This moment I have. The future is out of my hands. I will be present. I will live and enjoy today.

She heard Adriene's voice and came running downstairs to join me. :)

I love how she is stretching with me. :D

Drunk Cat-Cow variation is my best friend. So happy to have learned this move. It opens up all my stiff joints.







Time to engage the core!

Three-legged downward dog shifting forward and kissing each elbow with the knee.

Moving on the Yogi Bicycles. Adriene instructs to keep the shins parallel to the floor. I wasn't quite parallel when I first started and look at Black Cat judging me!

There!! Is that better, Black Cat?!?

Look at that eye! She is shocked!! Shocked!!

Great move to feel the burn in the abs.

Now to stretch it out.

Stretching the hammies.

"Happy Baby" :)


Foundation of Yoga Day 10 and Day 11

The foundations of day 10 and 11 combined nicely today as I finished catching myself up to my November calendar. I did the Yoga Tips video "Engage Your Warrior", the silent video for "Equal Standing" or Samasthiti, "Warrior I Pose" or Virabhadrasana I and "Warrior II Pose" or Virabhadrasana II.

First up, Equal Standing.

Lifting all my toes to ground down through the 4 parts of the soles of my feet.

Applying what I learned to stand tall in Tadasana with Equal Standing.

I love these Silent Videos that Adriene made when she had to rest her voice. Don't misunderstand me; I love hearing Adriene talk too. You never know what she's going to say. I frequently crack up while practicing with her videos. :)

But these Silent Videos are special too. Maybe it is my love of old movies and old black and white films. I don't know; but I do know that these videos are special. They are very short videos, only a couple minutes. Watch the videos through first so you know the cues, then hit the mat and smile while you practice. I guarantee you'll feel amazing after doing one of these special videos.

Now, on to Warrior practice!

Preparing my base to work on my Warrior pose.

Evidentially it helps to make a face while rising up. It give you more energy. ;)







After the base is secure, rise up into Warrior I. I have always loved the warrior poses for as long as I have been practicing. I love how strong and powerful I feel in these poses!

Warrior I

Then transition with a strong base into Warrior II.

Warrior II

Stretching between warrior pose practice.

Make sure you take time to stretch out between these foundation videos and even while Adriene is holding the pose still. Listen to your body and if it needs to stretch in the opposite direction to balance things out, go for it! Stretch it out then return to the pose, ready to give it your best again.

I love that at the end of the the Warrior II video Adriene says the mantra of Warrior is "I am strong!" That is exactly how these poses make me feel.

Do these poses today and feel STRONG and POWERFUL. Then show me a picture of your strong arms! :)