Building a Yoga Foundation- Day 13

Today was a busy day filled with parent teacher conferences, errands, shopping for long sleeves and pants for the kids. Thank goodness it stayed warm for as long as it did because I just recently discovered that my daughter only has 1 long sleeve shirt that fits and my son's pants are all about 3 inches above his ankles! I was all set to do yoga earlier in the day but just as I was queuing up my video, my daughter stopped by and we had a really nice chat. My son was busy playing so we had a chance to talk one on one. But the time we finished catching up, my son joined us and I decided we would go ahead and go get the shopping done.

When we got home, I had lots to do still before bed. In the past, I would have skipped my exercise or yoga because I had so much to do. I would have thought I did not have time to do yoga. But today, I realized that my thinking has changed and yoga has permeated my life. I looked at all I had to do still and thought I need to do yoga first so I can do everything else. Forty-five minutes of grounding and peace from yoga and I felt ready to take on all the rest of my to-do list for the day.

RISE Day 4IMG_3955

The sun was starting to drop as I got started with my practice. It was quite lovely having the late afternoon sun shining in on my practice. :)

I love the balance that is a part of this yoga practice. After doing a move that stretches out far in one direction, the next move draws in into the opposite direction. It is a reminder to me to not drive all my attention in one direction, but to attend to the opposite direction to in order to maintain balance. Definitely something to remember off the mat too.

Stretching out long...

Drawing back in.


Finally getting a feel for what Adriene means when she says to hop and "float" it up to the top of the mat. Progress!!


Here were more reminders to maintain balance on the mat and off...

Stretching it out, radiating the heart forward.

Thinking about tomorrow and can't stop smiling. :)

Now draw it back to stretch the leg out.



We have a really fun day planned for tomorrow that I am SO excited about!! I could not stop smiling while I was on the mat. I'll share more about that tomorrow... ;)










On to the Foundation videos for Day 13!

Foundations of Yoga Day 13

Today's foundation videos were "Knees, Chest and Chin Pose" or Ashtanga Namaskar and "Corpse Pose" or Savasana.

For Knees, Chest and Chin Pose I just want to encourage you to keep trying and practicing. The first several times I practiced this pose I was so frustrated that I wasn't anywhere near to what Adriene was doing. Remember, it is a journey. Yoga is not the poses but about the discoveries we make along the way.

Even my first pose of the practice was not nearly as good as the last pose of my practice. It was such a good feeling to put in the effort from repeated effort trying to master this pose to finally today moving in a way that mirrors Adriene's pose more closely.


And the last pose...


Then for everyone's favorite pose... ;)