Covered Raised Bed Garden

I thought that it was time to post an update about our garden. In February, I had a post about the seeds that we were starting for our raised bed organic gardens. This year, Ron built a cover to go over one of our raised beds so that we could get a jump-start on the growing season. Here in Pennsylvania, the last frost date is toward the end of April, so we usually have to wait until after then to start planting. But this year, because of the covered bed, we started planting a lot sooner and we've been enjoying fresh salads from our garden for 3 weeks now! There's nothing like eating fresh food that you have grown yourself. If you've never gardened before or if you're really busy and think that you don't have time for a garden, start small. Try container gardening. All you need to start is a couple of containers, some potting soil and some plants from a greenhouse. Plant them and place them on your porch or deck, then just sit back and watch your food grow! It's not too late to start a small garden. And container gardening is a good way to go when you are just starting out or too busy for a large garden. That was how we started three years ago. Here's a picture of our covered raised bed. We have three raised beds. One that is covered, one that is planted with some hardier plants, and one that is filled with strawberry plants.

Here's the bed uncovered. It's filled with different kinds of lettuces and greens, like swiss chard, rainbow chard, arugula, escarole, spinach and a few others. There are also carrots, onions, radishes and tomatoes.

And here's our strawberry bed. Makes me happy just looking at it and thinking of all the sweet strawberries that we'll be eating straight out of the garden.

I hope that these pictures have inspired you to try your hand at gardening. It really is so rewarding to grow your own food. Believe me when I say that nothing taste as good as food that you have grown yourself!