Ebb and Flow of Life

Life is like an ocean. There are times of calmness and times of storm, but the one constant that remains is that the ocean will always ebb and flow. The same thing can be said about life. There are moments of peace, moments of turmoil and moments of mundane. Ever notice how life lessons are learned most often in times of unhappiness, upheaval, or distress? For myself, it is in those moments that I have the realizations that bring life into sharper focus. That is usually the start of the climb out of the valley for me. Unfortunately when I feel normal again, I tend to forget the important realizations that I had about myself or life that got me back to the place of normalcy. So when I find myself struggling again with familiar battles, I have to muddle through again because I have forgotten the sparks of understanding that I had before. That is where this blog comes in. I want to start writing down my thoughts when I have clarity so that the next time that I am struggling, I can look back and find my way again. And if someone else reads this blog and can relate to my struggles then I hope that my own thoughts can help them on their own journey to understanding.