Exercise with Me!

Exercise is such a personal thing. We all have our own favorite forms of exercise or favorite trainers that we like to follow. We should all have our own personal fitness goals as well. However, most of us could probably use new ideas or recommendations of exercises from time to time. With that in mind, I've decided to post what I'm doing whenever I exercise. I have found some great fitness channels on YouTube that I am really excited about and I want to share them with you! I won't be posting reviews on here every day for the exercises that I've done. I'm going to post short reviews with a link to the YouTube video on my Twitter feed and on the Facebook page for RR. My personal goals are to build strength and muscle, as well as stabilizing my joints by strengthening my core. My joints are super loose and my strength is not what it was. So I am working to change that! Please keep your own health issues in mind and see your doctor before starting an exercise program. I have been to my own doctor and spent some time in physical therapy working toward stabilizing my joints, so I will be working within my own limits. Please do the same. The most important thing is to follow what our own bodies are telling us. If something feels like too much, then skip it or modify it. If your body is sore and needs a couple of days to recover after a workout, then listen to it. Fitness shouldn't be about punishing our bodies, but about working with our bodies to make them happy and healthy. :)

If you are interested in following my fitness journey or working alongside me with your own journey, you can follow me on Twitter @ sabe30 or on Facebook at Recipes RedesignedI hope you join me and post what you are doing as well! I'd love to follow your fitness journeys too!

To strong and healthy bodies!!