Building a Yoga Foundation-Day 5

I wasn't sure how today was going to turn out. It ended up being a weird sort of day. I had an appointment scheduled for the afternoon to see a specialist about my joint issues. I was feeling a little unsettled about things so I chose to wear my superhero shirt. Couldn't hurt to feel like a superhero, right? Like my bff and I remind each other when feeling nervous about something, "Fake it till you make it". So I put on my superhero shirt and rolled out my mat.

Rise Day 5

So many members of the FWFG community have expressed their love for this practice and I completely agree. It was such a lovely practice. Very gentle and soothing. The shoulder shrugs felt especially nice this morning.

I thought this side body stretch was a nice variation with the leg stretched out.

It was interesting to notice that when I folded to the right side in this pose I was only partway to reaching my knee, but when I went to the left I could touch my nose to my knee. Have you noticed any differences in one side of your body compared to the other? Remember to notice without judgment. Yoga is a journey and it is all about the journey and the discoveries along the way.

Before practicing with Yoga with Adriene, I alway focused on trying to force my heels down into position in Downward Facing Dog. Now I relish in pedaling it out. Such a delicious feeling.

I loved this side body stretch that included hugging yourself. Can you tell? haha :D Seriously though, the biggest discovery for me with recording myself is seeing how happy and peaceful yoga makes me. It's nice to see that the outside reflects the inside with my yoga practice.

Foundations of Yoga Day 5

The foundation videos for today were "Cat-Cow" or Marjariasana-Bitilisana and "Victorious Breath" or Ujjayi Breath. Don't skip this this 8:49 minute video on Cat-Cow; there is so much more to the pose that just the "n" and "u" shapes. Once again, it is about how you get there.

Ah, Ujjayi Breath , chances are you have heard of this breath before. This is a nice tutorial for how to do this powerful breath. So worthwhile to learn how to breath properly in yoga so that we can marry our movement and breath together and take our practice to the next level.

My mantra for today was "Serenity". It popped right into my head. I liked it because it reminded me to remain calm and at peace in spite of the uncertainty of the upcoming doctor's appointment. I also liked it because it made me think of the "Seinfeld" episode where George's dad starts a new habit of saying "Serenity, serenity now!" when feeling frustrated. :D  haha

Little did I know in the morning when I was laughing to myself thinking about the episode that I would find myself in a similar frustrating situation after dealing with the doctor. The quest for answers in life, particularly with health questions, is rarely without frustration it would seem.

Serenity, serenity now!

Presented for my own amusement as well as for yours, I present Frank Constanza...


Sometimes you just have to laugh and be your own superhero.