It is nearly impossible to end up where you want to in life without goals. With that in mind, I set some goals for myself recently. Goal #1: View food through the correct lens, as energy and sustenance for the body.

Goal #2: Manage stress in a healthier way.

Goal #3: Live a more balanced life, recognize that not everything has to be done perfectly.


I thought of some mini-goals that will help me meet my larger goals. These mini-goals may change or get added to in the future as I progress toward my goals but for now, this is where I am starting.

mini-goal #1: Wake up at 6:00AM during the week and do 30 minutes of yoga, jogging, or walking. I have found that when I start my day with exercise, I tend to thinking more positively about myself throughout the day.

mini-goal #2: Exercise on the weekends by doing something active with my family, like playing tennis or soccer. This will help us all cultivate the habit of being active.

mini-goal #3: Eat something within 1 hour of waking, like a greek yogurt or banana with peanut butter. This is so that I can reconnect with my body's hunger signals. Then after that, I will eat breakfast an hour or so later.

mini-goal #4: Track my calories and hit my daily target so that I can relearn how many calories my body needs to function. I will hit the daily calorie goal to maintain my weight and not shoot lower. If I try to secretly shoot lower so that I can still restrict then I will not learn what my body needs.

mini-goal #5: Get 8 hours of sleep most nights. I have learned that I am able to control my negative self-talk better when I am not exhausted. Also, I tend to have more negative thoughts about myself late at night, as I have more time to look back over the day and criticize my choices for that day. I will shoot to be in bed at 9:30PM so that I have about 1/2 of an hour to relax and read before falling asleep. Another bonus for going to bed earlier is that then I will be ready to wake up at 6AM the next morning and exercise, starting off the next day right.

mini-goal #6: Use my spare time wisely. When I have some downtime, don't waste it mindlessly watching tv or surfing the internet, or going on Facebook for no reason. I will watch the shows that I really want to watch and just read the articles that I am truly interested in. I will limit the time I spend on Facebook each day too. I know that for myself, there is a definite correlation between the amount of time I spend on Facebook and how negative I feel about myself.

mini-goal #7: Develop some hobbies. It is sad to say, but I have no hobbies anymore. Being busy as left me feeling like I don't have time for anything else, which in turn has made me feel more stressed. Carving out a little time each week to do something that I enjoy will help release stress and help create some more balance in my life.

I have already been working toward these goals for the last couple of weeks and I thought that it was time to write them down, make them more real. The last couple of weeks have been a mix of good days and bad days; but that's okay, this is a process. I won't get there overnight and I won't be perfect in the process either. The important thing is to keep my eye on my goals and keep working  toward them.