Introducing My Personal Blog Section

When I first started this site over two years ago, I focused only on food with some wellness posts. I tried to not be too personal in my writings. Privately I was struggling with my own food issues and trying to manage the struggles on my own. In December 2011, I started a personal blog that I kept to myself for a long time. It was a public blog, but I did not tell anyone about it. It became a place for me to be honest and real about my personal struggles. Since starting that blog, I started therapy to deal with my food issues and have had made a lot of progress. Sometimes it has been 2 steps forward, 1 step backward; but progress none the less. Writing my personal blog gave me the courage to be honest with myself and with those in my life. It made me quite nervous to be so honest sometimes with my blog and with my family and friends, but being honest has given me the best chance at sticking to the recovery process. I have learned that it is helpful for myself, as well as for others, to be open and real about the struggles and victories that I have faced. And because of that, a few personal posts have made their way into my writings on this site. It has always been my hope that my recipes and writings would help those that read it on their own personal journeys of health. But health is not only about food and exercise, mental wellbeing is another dimension to being healthy. And that is really what I want this site to ultimately be: a source of information for achieving overall health. That is why after much thought, I have decided to merge my personal blog into this site. All posts from the beginning of my personal blog are now on here. The posts are mixed into previous content based on the dates that they were originally published. I have also created a new section where all my personal blog postings, old and new ones, can be found in chronological order. That new section is under the tab titled "Blog".

My blog posts are real and honest. It is my hope that my honesty helps others be more honest in their own lives and helps them with their own personal struggles. May we all continue to grow together into healthier people, physically and mentally.