Menu for Week of March 15th

The key to eating well and smartly is to make a menu. That way on the nights when we are tired we already know what we are going to eat and can still eat healthy without much effort. Also, by making a menu we can plan to get the most use out of our ingredients and minimize the waste. With those two ends in mind, I plan on posting a 5 day menu plan with grocery list every Friday for the next week. This is what we will be eating and I will share it with you in case you need some inspiration too. I made the menu 5 days instead of 7 to accommodate for a day or two of leftovers of spontaneity. I hope this weekly feature is helpful. Note: Repeat use ingredients will be listed in parentheses after each day to emphasize the multi-use of ingredients to minimizing waste.

  • Day 1: Loaded Baked Potatoes topped with steamed broccoli and cheddar with a side of Waldorf Salad made with plain Greek yogurt in place of mayonnaise. (potatoes, cheese, apples, celery)
  • Day 2: Wild caught Haddock topped with diced tomatoes seasoned with basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar with a side of brown rice and baked yams. (tomatoes, rice, yams)
  • Day 3: Tacos topped with diced tomatoes, raw spinach leaves, cheddar cheese, sour cream, salsa and avocado with a side of steam carrots. (taco meat, tomatoes, spinach, cheese, salsa, carrots)
  • Day 4: Taco meat and rice combined with salsa and served on a bed of raw spinach leaves. (taco meat, rice, salsa, spinach)
  • Day 5: Butternut squash soup with a side of fresh fruit salad using apples and whatever other fruit you have on hand. (potato, yams, celery, apples)

Grocery List

5 lb. bag of organic potatoes

3 lb. bag of yams

butternut squash

2 organic onions

head of garlic

head of organic broccoli

3 organic tomatoes

bag of organic baby spinach leaves


bag of organic celery

3 lb bag of organic carrots

4 gala or red delicious apples

4 granny smith apples

organic raisins

chopped walnuts

wild caught Haddock

free range organic local ground beef

organic low sodium all natural vegetable or chicken broth

brown rice



cheddar cheese

sour cream

greek yogurt

any staples like spices, oil, or vinegar that you need