My Food Philosophy

I thought I should start off this "relaunch" of my blog with a little about my food philosophy and the kinds of recipes you will find here. How we eat is a very personal thing and there is not one way for everyone; however, there are a few basic principles that a healthy diet can be built on. 

My principles for a healthy diet:

  • eat as organically and naturally as possible
  • fruits and vegetables are the foundation of a healthy diet
  • avoid factory farmed meat and eggs as much as possible 
  • buy meat and eggs from a local farm that free range raises its animals and humanely slaughters them
  • limit meat as a side component, not the main component, of a meal
  • eating wild caught, not farm-raised fish
  • reduce the amount of dairy by using nondairy products too
  • enjoy food!
  • make room for desserts and treats too
  • make eating less about rules and more about the experience in how it tastes, how it makes the body feel and how it serves the body.

In keeping with these principles, you will find me talking about healthy and natural foods, and even desserts. I try to treat eating with a common sense approach and try to not get swayed by fad diets or passing trends. I do adjust my opinions from time to time when there is enough evident to support something new. But I try to not let passing fads impact my approach to eating. 

There seems to be more awareness in our society regarding what we are eating and trying to be healthy, which is great! But along with that awareness, there seems to be a lot of rules and a loss of the joy of eating. It is important to eat foods that serve our bodies well but it is also important to eat to enjoy the food too. Life is meant to be experienced, shared, tasted and enjoyed! And a body that is nourished with healthy foods and special treats is a body that is healthy, happy and balanced.