New Blog Schedule Starting March 2015!!

March 2015 calendarIf you watched my vlog, "February Challenge" then you already had a sneak preview about the changes that are coming to this blog starting March 1st. I am really excited about the direction that I am taking this blog in and can't wait to dive in! I have been busy preparing for this "relaunch" of the blog last month and this month and shifting from working full time as a nurse to part time. Now that we are half way through February, I would like to give you a preview of things to come. First of all, I have finally nailed down into a simple statement my purpose of this blog. My mission statement:

To educate and encourage others to live a life that promotes health, happiness and balance by sharing my knowledge and personal experiences in an open and honest way. 

To achieve my mission statement, I will be publishing specific content on a weekly schedule. And here is the schedule. Drumroll, please. ;)

  • Mondays: Life blog post- a variety of topics including healthy living, striving for balance, struggles, and triumphs.
  • Thursdays: Recipe post with video- easy and healthy recipes made with simple and nutritious ingredients.
  • Fridays: Weekly menu- a 5 day menu of dinners for the next week. (Coming soon.)
  • Saturdays: Health News Roundup- a post with links to a variety of interesting health news from that week.
  • 1st of every month: Food ideas- eating ideas for breakfasts, lunches, busy schedules or odd shift schedules.
  • Last of every month: Monthly vlog- review of the month, next month's challenge and random personal stories.

As you can see, that is A LOT of content every week! I have so many ideas and things I can't wait to share with you all. As I commit to expanding the content of this blog as well as blogging on a consistent schedule, I hope to grow this blog to reach many more readers. You can help me with this by sharing this blog with your friends and family. Thank you to all of you who already follow and support this blog. I greatly appreciate it!! :)