"No Longer Beautiful" Post

I was honored to have PositivelyPositive.com publish my post called "No Longer Beautiful" on Friday, March 13th. It was a positive experience interacting with their readers as they read and shared my words. It was a wonderful opportunity to reach a wider audience with my writing and it gave me a chance to make a positive impact on more people's lives. I am so grateful to Positively Positive for giving me this opportunity. If you haven't seen the post yet, be sure to go to their site and check it out. I will include an excerpt below, as well as the video I recorded talking about the experience. Thank you to everyone who read and shared my post!

Perhaps it is time for a change in our thinking. Perhaps lasting self-love actually comes from a place of gratitude instead. As long as my self-love is coming from a place that requires me to view my body as beautiful, then I am at risk of not loving myself when I don’t feel beautiful. Maybe self-love that comes from gratitude is what we actually need to be working toward. Being grateful for what my body does, how it functions, what it enables me to do in life, how it plays a role in me doing things that make me love life; these are all so much more than a fleeting feeling of beauty. (Read more here.)