Saying "Good Night" to the Night Owl

Given my druthers, I would stay up late at night and sleep until I was fully rested in the morning. It isn't so much that I like sleeping late in the morning, but rather that I enjoy feeling rested and I enjoy staying up late at night too. I do love early mornings though. It is just the getting up that makes early mornings so hard. :) I guess you could say that I am a tired night owl (since I tend to stay up too late given the fact that I have to get up at a set time each morning regardless of what time I went to bed) who wishes she was an early bird. I have tried numerous times to get up earlier in the morning and I loved those early mornings! I have learned that my days go better when I can start the day off with thirty minutes to an hour of quiet, unhurried time by myself. Those days I am more productive, I have a better mental outlook, and I have more patience with others and myself. On the flip-side, when I stay up late at night, those are the times that I can be more plagued with negative thoughts. There is more time to look back over my day with a critical eye, judging myself for the things that I did or did not do that day. While it is helpful to take time to evaluate and do some self-assessment, it is not helpful if that self-assessment is not honest but instead is always judgmental. It is important to be honest with ourselves, but gentle and nonjudgmental too. Also staying up late sets me up for a tired and generally more stressful day the next day because of the lack of sleep. Another advantage of rising early is that I spend that quiet time being quiet, which is so good for my soul. Late night is typically spent watching tv or a movie (and feeling bad about myself). But in the quiet of the early morning, I do not watch tv. I usually sit outside on my patio and listen to the birds while I read, write or just breathe. But in order to have the quiet, early mornings, I need to start going to bed earlier so that I can get enough sleep too because sleep plays an important role in our mental and emotional health. It is going to take some getting used to and some resetting of my internal clock probably but I think that it is time to say "good night" to being a night owl and "good morning" to being an early bird!