Scattered Focus

I'm feeling a little stuck right now. I see several paths laid out before me and I do not know which way to go. Also contributing to my feelings of being stuck is the fact that I have too many balls in the air. Everything that I am juggling I enjoy doing. But it is not possible to juggle all these things and do them well. And I believe that "anything worth doing is worth doing well." Currently I am trying to do everything and I feel like I am doing less than my best because my efforts are spread so thin. In fact, I actually feel like I am spinning my wheels instead of making progress with anything that I am working on. But I am afraid to let anything go. Everything that I am juggling is important to me so I have hung on to all of them, trying to make it all work. It is time to face reality. I am in a state of inertia because I have taken on more things than I have time or energy for and I do not want to let any of them go. But I am growing tired of this feeling of inertia. It is time to take a good hard look at reality, at my hopes and dreams, at my abilities, at what I want out of life, and it is time to make the hard decisions and pick a path.