Short Reviews of YouTube Exercise Videos

We live in a pretty amazing time. The amount of information at our fingertips is endless! I remember when I used to spend soooo much time agonizing of the decision to purchase an exercise video. First, I'd spend a good chunk of time researching the video. Was it a good video or all hype? Were the exercises challenging but still easy to follow? Was it fun to do? Was it worth what they were charging for it? Finally, I would go for it and buy the video. Usually I wasn't disappointed because I had spent the time doing my research. But still, regardless of how much I wanted the video in the first place and how much I loved the video when I first got it, I still always ended up getting bored with it and giving up on the video. Not anymore! Thanks to YouTube all that has changed. The amount of high quality workout videos on YouTube is remarkable! Like before, it still makes sense to spend at least a little time researching the person creating the YouTube exercise videos. You want to make sure that you are following someone who knows what they are doing so that you don't get hurt.

One of the perks of YouTube exercise videos is that you don't have to waste time wondering if you will like the video or not. Just start it and if you don't like it, jump out and start another one. The otherĀ BIG perk is variety! With the vast array of workouts on YouTube, it is so much easier to exercise more often and to find the perfect one to fit your mood, fitness level or what your body needs for that particular day. After all, if intuitive eating is so good for our bodies (and it is!), then intuitive exercising is a really good idea too. I think the more we listen to our bodies, the healthier and happier we will be.IMG_0056.JPG

Near the end of last year, I started exercising primarily with YouTube videos, with walks and hikes thrown in. I quickly found some really great workouts that I just LOVED and I wanted to share them with others. So I started pinning them to a board on my Pinterest and writing short reviews about them. Keeping up with writing reviews and even exercising regularly were just a couple of things that sadly went by the wayside as I have been adjusting to working full time as a nurse these last four months.

I have still been exercising some though and have found more videos that I enjoyed. I'm going to resume pinning the reviews with the links to the videos on my Pinterest Board here. There are already 72 workout reviews on that board and soon to be many more. Just in time for all our New Year Resolutions! :) So check my board often for those reviews to be posted. Or you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest to stay updated, or go to the bottom of this page and enter your email address to subscribe to this blog. Stay tuned and get movin'! :)