So long, 2014!!

Have you noticed how it seems to be the "cool" thing to not make new year's resolutions? It seems like nearly every article I read this week that was talking about the coming new year started off with the statement that "I don't do new year resolutions." or something to that effect. I understand all the statistics that say that only a small number of resolutions are actually kept for longer than 2 weeks and that resolutions can set people up to feel like failures. Impossible to Live quote JK RowlingBut, what will we accomplish if we don't create any goals for ourselves? Sure, we could (and should) reevaluate our goals and create new ones all throughout the year, not only on New Year's Day. But sometimes we are so busy that we don't take the time to stop and evaluate our lives and create goals. That is what is so wonderful about new year resolutions! It is a set time every year that reminds us to take stock of the previous year, looking at our success and our failures. And a set time to look ahead and spend some time thinking about what things we want to accomplish in the coming year.

only those who risk quoteThis year I was so busy with the last semester of nursing school and with starting my first nursing job that I never took the time to set concrete goals for myself for 2014. And not surprisingly, I didn't accomplish some of the things I had hoped to accomplish this year. I had a few ideas of things I wanted to accomplish this year; but because I never took the time to list those ideas as goals with achievable steps, I did not accomplish as much as I wanted to. That is the most important step in setting yourself up for success, write down your goals.

So this year as 2014 is ending I am spending some time reflecting over the year and formulating my goals/resolutions for 2015. I work tonight and the rest of the week so my first goal for 2015 is to have my goals focused and written down by the end of Saturday, Jan. 3rd, instead of by the end of Jan. 1st. Because that is the other important aspect of successful goals, set a goal that is achievable in your life and situation.

Aiming too low quoteThen when my goals are set I will check back to them at the beginning of every month to see how I am coming along in meeting my goals. It is important to keep goals forefront in our minds and include them in our decision making process. If it is important enough for you to state as a goal for yourself, then it is important enough to be considered as a factor in making decision. That is the last and possibly the most important step in meeting goals, take your goals serious and keep those goals forefront in your life. If it was important enough to state as a goal then don't set yourself up for failure by ignoring what is important to you.

With those thoughts in mind, I want to encourage you to not worry about if it is "cool" or not to make New Year's resolutions and to take time this week to think about your life and what you want to accomplish with it. Then write those goals down and respect yourself by making choices that push you in the direction of your dreams.

never too old quote