Summer Reset- Day 10

Happy 4th of July! I knew today was going to be different than my usual days because of the holiday. We had plans to go to a grill out at my parent's. It was a fun time; most of my family was able to be there. We talked, played some games, ate dinner together and had homemade ice cream. Yummy!! Because of the change in the routine, I was sure to fit in my exercising in the morning because I wasn't sure if I would have time or energy to do it in the evening. I did forget to take some food pictures though. Oh well, there will be days like this. :) Here's what I ate today:

Breakfast: Several years ago, I made a Flag Cake for the July 4th get together with my family. I made it two or three times over the  years. The cake was always a big hit! It was a delicious cake; it would have to be with the amount of butter that was in the cake and in the frosting, along with the large amount of cream cheese too! My kids remember the cake too because of the fun flag design on the top of the cake made out of fruit. I didn't want to make such a rich dessert again, but I liked the idea of using the fruit flag design still since that always looked so festive and it was my kids' favorite part. So I decided to make pancakes and top them with strawberries, blueberries and bananas in a flag design on each one. It was a success. Not only did the pancakes look good, but they tasted great too!

Snack: We had a later breakfast and had plans to eat an earlier dinner with my family later so I wasn't too hungry at lunch time and didn't want to fill up too much either. I decided on a plain Greek yogurt with some fresh blueberries stirred in. It was exactly what I needed to tie me over from breakfast to dinner.

Dinner: This was an All-America type of dinner. I had a grilled hotdog (gluten free dog and bun, of course) and potato salad. Then for dessert, I had 2 bowls of homemade vanilla ice cream topped with a little chocolate syrup and whipped cream and some strawberries individually topped with whip cream and a blueberry on top. I even pour a little chocolate syrup into where the core had been removed from the strawberry then topped it with whipped cream and the blueberries. Delicious way to end the day!

Flag Pancakes


Here's how I exercised today:

Today was Friday- a Tone It Up day. I tried their Love Your Body HIIT Routine. That was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed it. It wasn't complete repetition like some HIIT routines, which kept me from getting bored, tired and wondering when the workout would end. Instead, the workout time just flew by and I had a great workout and fun doing it in the process. Check out that routine here: Love Your Body™ with HIIT! High Intensity Interval Training