Building a Yoga Foundation- Day 9

Ah, stress. If there is one constant in life, that would be stress. Stress is just a part of life; there's no way around it. To not have any stress would mean you're dead. :) I was having one of those days. Actually, if you read my previous posts, you'd know that it all started Saturday night for me at bedtime. All day I tried to force myself to get on the mat. I tried to force myself to "snap out of it". I tried to force myself to get the things done I needed to. But I had no focus. I felt so scattered all day. For me, that is a sign of a highly stressed mind, when my mind is darting around, jumping chaotically from thought to thought, and unable to focus. It was a busy day with errands that chopped up the day too. I'm sure that did not help my focus either.

Finally, when I was at physical therapy, slowing working through my exercises with nothing else distracting me, I listened to my body and what it was telling me. I knew frustration was at the root of the funk I had been in since Saturday night. I decide then and there that I would hop on my mat as soon as I got home and practice "Yoga for When You Are Angry". I was not feeling angry but I figured that frustration was a close enough negative emotion that this practice would probably be exactly what I needed.

Yoga for When You Are Angry

IMG_3789IMG_3788IMG_3790After some extended time in Child's Pose and one Downward Facing Dog, we moved to lie flat on the back. Next, Adriene added an element that she was hesitant to add, but then went for it anyways and I am so glad that she did. She said her teacher taught this and she wanted to share it with us but felt silly doing it. She instructed and showed how to laugh out loud for 30 seconds. It's an interesting thing. I started faking laughing, just to do it; and it turned into real life like Adriene said it would. :) How funny! I would not have expected that.


Next, I tightened up everything super tight and held it for a little before fully relaxing everything. What a therapeutic move that was! It took that frustration I had been feeling and brought it all to the surface as I tensed up and held tightly. Then as I relaxed my whole body at once, I could feel it all melt away.



Ah, savasana. :) Compare my expression in the first reclining pose position with this last one. What a difference! And yes, I also added the "therapeutic" glass of wine to aid in my relaxation too. haha :D

After laying there a couple of minutes, I knew I wanted more. So I started a relaxing ocean sounds track on YouTube, grabbed my favorite cozy blanket and laid back down in savasana. I lay there in that meditative state for about 15 minutes. It was exactly what I needed. I got up from my mat feeling refreshed and so much lighter with all my frustrations and negative energy released and left behind.