Building a Yoga Foundation- Day 18

Today it was back to RISE and the Foundation video. I think that RISE Day #6 may be my new favorite. First #3 was my favorite, then #5, now #6. :D I also joined the Yoga with Adriene site today! I am so excited about this!! In addition to the membership option, she will be continuing free videos on YouTube too!! Adriene has impacted my life in such an amazing way since I discovered her videos a year ago. Of course a membership will offer some additional bonus things for members, but ultimately I am so happy to be able to support the continual growth and outreach of Yoga with Adriene.

It is the most positive and affirming thing I have ever come across. It challenges me to grow and encourages me to love myself and others. I have met so many wonderful people through the YWA community and made some amazing friends too! In a world that is too often dark, scary and sad, this YWA community is truly a bright light of love in a harsh world. It is a safe place, a supportive place, and a respectful place. It truly is the best place on the internet. Check out her website for more about the membership.

RISE Day #6

How can you not like a video that begins with this glorious pose? ;) IMG_4270

From start to finish I love the whole feel of this practice. It stretched, strengthens, and nurtures the body in the nicest way possible. The 30 minutes just flew by so quickly!

Of course Black Cat joined me on the mat again today. :) It is so funny that she comes running now whenever she hears Adriene's voice and she stays with me on or near the mat the whole time I am practicing. I can't decided if she does it because she likes Adriene's soothing voice or because she likes that I am down on the floor at her level.

Massaging my forearms. Yoga has me more aware and grateful for my whole body, even the parts we often overlook.

This pose combines balance and stretch. It is great for stretching out the front of the thigh.

I LOVE this pose!! It opens up so many tight places in a really nice way.

Notice my extra furry head in the last picture? Yup! It's Black Cat sitting right next to me. :D

I like seeing how my back has become less hunched in forward fold. I have released so much of the tension that I was holding there at the start of the month.

It is also encouraging to notice how much high my three legged dog has gotten!

Massaging the wrist creases with the toes.

Finally developing the strength to hop up into forward fold and back into plank!

Warrior I reinforces what I am building on in Physical Therapy by drawing the shoulders back and down.

As does this. Yoga is so helpful for drawing attention to the little details we often miss, like hunching our shoulders up and forward.

On to one of my top favorite asanas, pigeon pose. This pose feels SO good on my hips!

Sitting up talk in pigeon really strengths the back muscles.

As this does too.

Renewing my intention for the day that I set at the beginning of my practice.

Foundations of Yoga Day 18

The foundation video for today was "Extended Side Angle Pose" or Utthita Parsvakonasana. Very helpful foundation video on this asana. There are several key points to this asana. After beginning in Warrior II, that lift and extension is maintained as we move into the beginning of extended side angle pose.

Using the hand to smear the ribcage up to encourage the torso to open up, not hunch down.

Next, stretch the arm out long overhead while maintaining that lift in the side body.

Or lift the arm straight up. Always keeping the shoulders down, the chest rotated up, and the knee in line with the ankle.

Here is another variation to try if it can be done without collapsing in the chest. Still maintaining that lift after smearing the chest open is important for proper alignment.