Building a Yoga Foundation- Day 16

NYC November 15, 2015 So, day 15 did not happen for me. Too busy running around NYC with my husband and kids. :) Then after traveling home last night, the only thing left to do was get showers and crashing into bed with our exhausted but happy bodies.

This morning when I woke up I knew I was paying for all the walking we did over the weekend. My hips had really begun to bother my on Sunday afternoon from all the walking but that was nothing compared to how they felt when I woke up this morning.. To be perfectly honest, I can't hardly walk today with hobbling. In hindsight we should have rode the subway a lot more considering my hips ache after a 12 hour work shift at the hospital. But we wanted to immerse the kids into New York so they could get a feel of the city, not only see the tourist sights. And the best way to get a feel of a place is to spend lots of time walking around. So we walked and walked and walked... ;)

Today's practice was nice and easy with lots of gentle movement to relax all the tight places. Yoga felt amazing to my aching body and although I still really ache, I know I did the best thing I could for my body today by practicing my yoga.

RISE Day 5

Starting off with some breath awareness.

I was so excited to get to do RISE day 5 again! I really enjoyed this practice the first time around and today was no different. Also, the sun was shining brightly on my mat the whole time I practiced and that felt like an extra special treat. :)

Stretching out the tight muscles.

Releasing the tightness in my back.


I LOVE drunk cat-cow for open up all my tight joints. It helps nearly every joint!

Heart to earth pose- another great upper back opening asana.

Lots of softly pedaling the feet during Downward Facing dog.

Very gently movements. during side body stretch- finding what feels good.

Foundations of Yoga Days 14, 15 and 16IMG_4236

After my RISE practice I caught up on the Foundation videos from the weekend and today. The first foundation video was "Sun Salutation B" or Surya Namaskara B. This builds on the Sun Salutation A and adds more strengthening to it. It is a lovely flow, made extra nice by practicing in the sunlight. :)

There were forward folds and stretches up to the sky, downward dogs that stepped through and up to warrior and chair poses.














IMG_4240The next foundation video was "Tree Pose" or Vrksasana. This is a strength building and balancing asana. It really helps maintain the balance by picking a focal point and gazing that that while balancing in this pose. And don't forget to tuck the pelvis and tuck the tailbone down. That was a tip I never heard before practicing with Yoga with Adriene.

After Tree Pose, I moved on to the foundation video for "Triangle Pose" or Trikonasana. Adriene has some important and fine points regarding doing this pose correctly.

Preparing to enter the pose.

Angling out and down.

Triangle pose- being mindful to not collapse in my shoulders, neck or side body.

Lastly, I practiced the pranayama, "Lion's Breath" or Simhasana Pranayama. This breath may look silly but I find it to be quite invigorating and powerful feeling. Don't knock it until you try it. ;)

Taking a big breath in through my nose.

Exhaling with eyes opened and looking upward while tongue stretches downward.




A fun variation.

Then finishing everything off with a moment in child's pose being grateful for so many things.