Time Flies When You're Having Fun?

We've all heard the expression "time flies when you're having fun." Now that I am an adult living a busy life raising a family, working and meeting obligations, I have realized that this statement isn't completely accurate. I think the statement should actually say,

"Time flies, so make sure you're having fun."

Whether we want to think about it or not, time marches quickly on. It is up to us how we use the time as it passes by. Working as a nurse and seeing so many people limited by their chronic diseases and seeing people die, I've been force to look at mortality and the rapid passing of time in the face. And as a parent, it is hard to accept or acknowledge the rapid passage of time when you have little children growing up before your very eyes. But working in the nursing profession has made me unable to ignore time anymore. 

I used to not want to think about how fast time was moving because invariably then I would start think about all that I had not accomplished yet, all that I still wanted to do, all the memories that I still wanted to make with my family, my family and parents aging, and how soon my children would be all grown up. So I used to push down those feelings of time rapidly passing whenever they would crop up.

But not anymore. I have grown to accept the passage of time as a unchanging fact of life. And when I reached that acceptance, I was able to see the reality that time flies by whether we are spending it having fun or not. The days march on, with or without our participation. Realizing that makes one stop and really think about their choices and actions.

  • Am I living each day fully?
  • Am I living how I want to live or am I being influenced by how other's think I should live?
  • Am I living each day taking actions or am I being reactionary?
  • Am I living life on my terms or am I living my life based of the emotions of those around me?
  • Am I embracing each day, the good and the bad, knowing that the present moment is all that is guaranteed? Or am I just getting through the day, living for another day?

So, how do we live life embracing the rapid passage of time instead of running from it? First, we have to accept the fact that time waits for no man or woman. Next, we need to choose to be present and live our lives in the moment with the ones who are important to us. Sure, we still need to plan ahead, but we need to stop putting off the important things because we feel like we should do something else first. It is important to take stock of one's life and assess if where it is and where it is headed is where you personally want it to go. And if it's not, figure what is stopping you from living the life you want and make a plan to course correct. Lastly, we need to stop wishing and start living.

I encourage you today to take stock of your life and see if you are having fun as time is flying by or if fly is simply flying by.