Update: 3 Weeks of Exercise

I was talking with a friend this morning, who told me today that she is exercising along with me and the videos that I'm posting. We were talking about how good it was making us feel. After talking with her, I decided to take a moment to update all of you. Today marks the beginning of my 4th week of my new YouTube fitness routine! I cannot believe that 3 weeks are already gone. This is why, if you haven't already started exercising, you need to start today! Because before you know it, 3 weeks will be gone. You can either feel the same in 3 weeks or you can feel better in 3 weeks.

I can't believe how good I am feeling inside my body. I feel so strong and fit. I feel like my body is moving better, smoother, more agile. It's an amazing feeling! I kinda love my body now. Not in a "I love how I look" kind of way, but in a newfound respect and appreciate kind of way.

I'm even looking at food differently. I'm looking at food as a way to love my body and make it healthier and stronger. It has definitely cranked up my body awareness and intuitive eating. I can't get over how hungry I get! Like real, legitimate hunger- not just "I'm stressed/tired/bored. I think I'll eat something"-kind of hunger. I'm eating so much now, which is crazy considering my history. But it feels so good because I am listening to my body and giving it what it needs without any regard to calories. I've stopped eating snacks before bed, not because I'm trying to lose weight but because it makes my stomach hurt and I can't exercise as well the next day. Instead, I eat my ice cream after supper with my kids. Because, if you know me, then you know that I love ice cream!

I think the reasons that I am feeling so good after only 3 weeks are because I am doing it consistently and I am doing a variety of exercises. I exercise every Monday-Saturday morning. I post all the exercises that I do on my Facebook Page, except for the Saturday's exercises. I've been doing yoga on Saturday, once with a YouTube video and twice on my own. I feel like doing yoga Saturday morning is a great way to ease into the weekend and leave all the stress of the week behind me. Sundays are my day of rest, except for a hike that we take as a family every Sunday, but that's not about exercise. That's about spending time with my husband and kids in the woods, together without any other distractions.

If you've been checking out the videos I post, you'll know that they aren't very long. I just don't have time to exercise for a long time right now. Most of the videos are around 15 minutes. But it's not all-or-nothing! Fifteen minutes has made a huge difference in how I feel. I will probably exercise a little longer when I have more time and when my body is conditioned for that. By exercising in small amounts now, I am not overdoing it and I am able to exercise 6 mornings a week. That's important for creating this healthy habit of exercising every morning.

The variety of exercises that I've been doing by exercising with videos from YouTube as made exercising fun again. I can't wait to get up in the morning and pick out my workout. I pick out whatever strikes my fancy that day or whatever I think my body needs that day. The fun in exercise helps with the consistency too. No one wants to do the same thing over and over. Variety is the spice of life, right?

I wish that I could bottle this wonderful feeling that I have and share it with all of you! But since I can't, I'm going to do the next best thing and ask you to please join me on this journey of fitness, strength and love. The importance of self-care cannot be underestimated. Three weeks ago, I started on a Thursday and I am so thankful that I did. Is today your Thursday to start?