Update: Now Gluten-free and Announcing a New Section for Reviews!

When I first thought about creating this website, I wanted the focus to be on creating healthy meals from fresh foods and on changing old favorite recipes to make them healthier. I felt that we can have some control over our health by the food choices that we make. That was why I choose the tagline "Choosing better health, one plate at a time." And for the last two years that has been my focus. Then this past July I was thrown a curveball when I learned that I could not longer eat gluten. I found myself at a crossroads with this site. I wanted to continue on the path that I was on, but I could not test recipes that had gluten in them anymore. I was hesitant about becoming a strictly "gluten-free" site because there are many people who are looking for healthy recipes that are able to eat gluten and I didn't want to abandon them. I also feel like that there are already many top-notch celiac focused websites out there. So I found myself unsure of how I wanted to proceed. In the last couple of months, I have come to realize that becoming gluten-free has not been that big of an adjustment in my life because the majority of our meals were already gluten-free. The areas where I had to adjust were lunches and baking mostly. There were a few other minor adjustment to be made as well. But overall, I realized that I could still provide many healthy recipes (that just happened to be gluten-free) for everyone. The other thing that I realized was that gluten-free eating has become a necessity for many people, not just celiacs or gluten-sensitive people. There is some evidence that being gluten-free is beneficial for children with ADD/ADHD and autism. And I recently learned that a friend of mine is on a gluten-free diet to control her MS symptoms. This led me to realize that there is a larger need for healthy gluten-free recipes than I realized. That brings me to another thought, many people have the misnomer that eating gluten-free is healthier. That isn't necessarily true; it all depends on how you eat. It is possible to eat gluten-free and eat nothing but less nutritious foods. The popularity of gluten-free eating has led to more gluten-free foods being more widely available, which is a great thing; but it has also led to the creation of plenty of "junky" gluten-free foods too.

With all of this in mind, I have decided to continue my original focus of providing recipes focused on eating fresh, healthy foods but I will add gluten-free foods to that focus as well. I am also excited to announce the addition of a section for reviews and recommendations of gluten-free products and other products that my husband and I use. I have tried a lot of them in the last few months and some have been shining successes while others have been expensive duds. Gluten-free foods are more expensive and I am hoping that by passing on my own experiences, I can help you spend your money wisely when you are buying gluten-free foods.

I hope that you continue to find recipes here that you and your family enjoy. Thank you for reading and sharing my recipes. Feel free to contact me if you ever have any questions about one of my recipes. If you want to be notified when I post new content, you can subscribe or follow me on Facebook or Twitter. All of the links for these options are on the righthand side of the page. Now onward to delicious, healthy, and gluten-free food!