November 2017 FWFG Yoga Calendar - Back to the Beginning

This calendar is a great one to share with your family and friends or anyone interested in trying out yoga. This month will help them learn the poses and empower them to try more practices with a solid understanding of the poses.

This calendar is also an opportunity for those of us with experience to strengthen our foundations by digging deeper into the asanas. With practice and experience, there is an opportunity to notice new things when we go back and revisit the foundations.

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September 2017 FWFG Yoga Calendar - Self Love

This month is all about Self Love. Sometimes life's busyness gets in the way of taking care of ourselves properly; sometimes we get in our own way. Whatever the reason, I am here to tell you (and tell myself!) that treating ourselves with love is really the only way to go through life. We are better equipped to serve others and life is happier and more peaceful when we love ourselves.

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June 2017 FWFG Yoga Calendar - A Little Goes a Long Way

This month we are going to take it in a different direction. This month we will explore how "a little (truly) goes a long way." Maybe your body is asking for shorter practices after the intensity of last month. Or maybe you barely have half an hour to practice each day. If so, then this month is for you! All the videos on June's calendar are 20 minutes or less. 

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April 2017 FWFG Yoga Calendar - FLOW

Seasons are changing, Spring for us in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn for those in the Southern Hemisphere. And with these seasonal shifts are often feelings of restlessness or uncertainty. With this in mind, I have created the April Find What Feels Good Yoga Calendar for the Yoga with Adriene community. This month we will focus on flow.

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March 2017 FWFG Yoga Calendar - Balanced

Here's the March FWFG Yoga Calendar! This month's theme is balance. I have selected and arranged the practices to help us work on both balancing in our practice and also balancing in life. Take this month and use the tools of yoga to cultivate balance on and off the mat.

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February 2017 FWFG Yoga Calendar - Committed

"Stay committed to the journey, to finding what feels good." - Adriene Mishler

It's a new month, another chance to stay committed to our yoga practice. Another opportunity to stay committed to self-care. Another moment to stay committed to self-love. 

And if you haven't committed to any of these yet, now is as good of a time as any to commit. Commit to your yoga practice, commit to self-care, commit to self-love.

The yoga calendar I created for the Yoga with Adriene community is an invitation to do just that. It is an invitation each day to nurture yourself and show yourself love through these yoga practices. 

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January 2017 Yoga Calendar - Revolution

Every year Yoga with Adriene kicks off the new year with a month long yoga program. This year she is kicking off the new year with a Yoga REVOLUTION! I have participated with all her January yoga programs every year, some years more completely than others. ;) And I can't wait for this one!

This program will be suitable for everyone because Adriene will provide options for beginners and those more advanced. Her January programs really are a wonderful way to start off a new year. I highly encourage you to try it out this year. Whether you have done yoga before or not, this would be an excellent way to begin the new year. 

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November 2016 FWFG Yoga Calendar - Foundations II

I was thinking about the newest 30 Days of Yoga program by YWA coming in January and thought it might be helpful to focus the November and December calendars on preparing for it. For November we will be focusing on asanas by focusing on the individual poses in the Foundations of Yoga videos. Then in December we will focus on getting our mind ready for the next 30 Days of Yoga program.

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August 2016 FWFG Yoga Calendar - Yoga Mind

From Adriene’s letter (7/13/16): “This year we kicked 2016 off with Yoga Camp which reminded us to check out self talk and to implement a conscious daily practice that wasn’t just good for physique but for the mind as well. I figured half way through the year here we could all stand to reconnect with just that. Mental health to join or re-join your squad goals.

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July 2016 FWFG Yoga Calendar - Workshop

This month’s focus is opening up. Sundays and Thursdays are our workshop days. Each Sunday we work through a foundation video of an opening asana. The foundation videos are short so take your time working through them. On Thursdays we will check back in to see how our asana has grown and to pickup any tidbits we may have missed the first time. Then explore more or freestyle using the foundation video as a jumping off point on Thursdays. The rest of the month is filled with practices that will help us grow the four foundation poses that are the focus of this month.

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June 2016 FWFG Yoga Calendar - 30 Days of Yoga (revisited with mantras)

For June the some of the YWA community will be revisiting the original 30 days yoga program- 30 Days of Yoga by Yoga with Adriene. For this time through I have created mantras to compliment each day's practice. I tried to capture the heart of each practice with the mantras I picked.

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May 2016 FWFG Yoga Calendar - Yoga STRONG

I used these thoughts to make the May yoga calendar for the Yoga with Adriene community. I chose practices from Adriene's library that will tone and strengthen the body. You will see some videos for the month that come from her "Weight Loss" series too. Before you knock the videos for being focused on weight loss, try one or two before you make your opinion up. I know that you will be pleasantly surprised by the approach she takes to weight loss. I love how Adriene brings her gentle and encouraging FWFG approach to all her videos, including the weight loss ones. 

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