August 2017 FWFG Yoga Calendar - Yoga Ritual

August is here and with it comes a new yoga calendar and a special membership 7 day yoga series called Yoga Ritual from Yoga with Adriene. This new series is the inspiration for this month's calendar. 

The Yoga Ritual series comes out on the membership site,, on August 7th.

We will all start off with the same videos until the Yoga Ritual series is released. Then there are two video options. Members, you can follow the Yoga Ritual the 7th-13th. YouTube friends, you can follow the substitute YT videos for the 7th-13th. Then we will all join up on the same videos again on the 14th. 

For the whole month, the calendar follows the themes of the Yoga Ritual series: ground, stretch, core, oxygen, detox, power, and ease.

Who's in?


FWFG Yoga Members, click on the picture to download the PDF with the links embedded.

YouTube users, here's a link to the playlist for the month: