December 2015 FWFG Yoga Calendar - Fighting Stress

Last month I created a yoga calendar following Yoga with Adriene's videos. I focused on my foundation by working through her Foundations of Yoga series. I complemented that with her 21 day RISE program too.

I really enjoyed creating that challenge for myself and sharing the experience with some of the YWA community too. I was not able to finish the entire calendar because of sickness. And I had to make some modifications due to my shoulder and neck injury. Still, in spite of all that, I consider November to be a success. I felt so much stronger and more knowledgeable about the asanas I practiced. I also reaffirmed my commitment to my yoga practice, both on and off the mat.

Because I enjoyed November's calendar so much, I decided to make one for December! The focus of this month's calendar is "Embracing the Holidays and Fighting the Stress". The videos I picked for December all center around relieving the stress that builds during the holiday season, going with the flow, and being present. I tried to pick some shorter videos too because I know how busy we all get in December.

I selected videos to help keep the body healthy during the busyness and after all the rich holiday food. I also threw in some weight loss videos so we all can enjoy the goodies of the holiday season without expanding our waistlines. There are plenty of yoga flow sequences to help us take that fluidity off the mat and go with the flow. And I selected yoga for mental health because,, spending, eating, socializing, family gathering, etc, etc, I just figured we all could probably use some yoga for stress during this month. ;)

Hopefully by practicing mindfully this month, we will be able to fight off the holiday stressors and embrace the holidays with love and joy! :)

I will be sharing pictures of my practice on my Instagram. You can follow me @sabe30 and join me with this December calendar. Click on the calendar image and it will open in another window so you can print it out and join the fun!