February 2016 FWFG Yoga Calendar - REBOOT

REBOOT is a 29 day yoga program. It was the original yoga program created by Yoga with Adriene. It was also the program that brought many of us in the YWA community together for the first time. It was out of this shared experience that our beloved kula was born. <3

There are four REBOOT videos for the four weeks. These videos can be practiced every day with Week 1 being the RECONNECT video, Week 2 being the RESET video, Week 3 being the REJUVENATE video, and Week 4 being the REDEEM video. There are also some foundation videos that go along with the program and can be used to focus on specific poses. These foundation videos can be used as needed or as desired along with the REBOOT videos. 

Another option is to follow the calendar I created with four days of a REBOOT video per week with three days of foundation videos interspersed between REBOOT video days to assist you in your REBOOT practice. You can use the non-REBOOT days to deepen your practice by tending to your foundation. The foundation days are also helpful when you are short on time or when your body needs a little recovery time.

All these videos and a playlist for the month can be found at: https://yogawithadriene.vhx.tv .