January 2016 FWFG Yoga Calendar - Yoga Camp

This January I kicked off 2016 by "going" to Yoga Camp! This camp was created by Adriene Mishler from Yoga with Adriene. Instead of me explaining what yoga camp is, I'm going to let Adriene tell you all about it herself. Watch the video below to hear all about #YogaCamp.

Yoga Camp is the sequel to last years 30 Days of Yoga series. It's a free 30 Day "Bootcamp" for the Mind, Body & Soul. 30 Days Of Yoga for physical and mental health. Everyone is invited to camp!!! Sign up for the free Calendar and Daily Email here: http://yogacamp.pages.ontraport.net/

Working with the mantras to set an intention for each practice has been powerful for me and for so many others of the YWA community. It has been an amazing experience! And do you know what else is great? It is not too late for you to go to yoga camp either! There are many of the YWA community who are planning on repeating Yoga Camp again in February because they enjoyed it so much! There are also quite a few who are going to start their first Yoga Camp in February for a variety of reasons. The point is that it is not too late for you to come to camp too! Oh, and did I mention that Yoga Camp is completely FREE?!? I know!! How cool is that?!