June 2017 FWFG Yoga Calendar - A Little Goes a Long Way

Last month's calendar was pretty intense. I heard from a lot of you how you built so much strength over May. That's awesome! 

This month we are going to take it in a different direction. This month we will explore how "a little (truly) goes a long way." Maybe your body is asking for shorter practices after the intensity of last month. Or maybe you barely have half an hour to practice each day. If so, then this month is for you! All the videos on June's calendar are 20 minutes or less. 

While the video lengths may be short, there is still a lot to discover in them. Let your focus be this month on taking what you learn on the mat, off the mat and into your world. Be open to discovering how that a little practice can go a long way in your life. Then take this principle with you after the month ends and remember and apply it whenever life gets hectic and you don't have time for a lengthy practice. Remember back to this month and how you learned that even a short practice, done with intention, can have powerful benefits.

Let's do it!


Below is the PDF with each video linked to the video for each day. Download the PDF for the clickable links. As always, the videos are linked to the videos on the FWFG Membership site.

June 2017 FWFG Yoga Calendar.pdf

For those who are not FWFG members, I've got you too. Here is a YouTube playlist

There are NEW videos of the week listed on every Sunday. Those videos are not in the YT playlist yet because they are not released yet. They are not on the PDF yet either. New videos are released on Sunday morning. On Sundays, head to www.yogawithadriene.com for the new video for that week.

Ready for A Little Goes a Long Way? Let's go!