March 2016 FWFG Yoga Calendar - FLOW

For the month of March l I decided to create a calendar built around the idea of flowing. March is a time of change as the seasonal shifts become more apparent. I have come to realize that Spring and Autumn stir up in me feelings of restlessness and feelings of wanting to make changes. And I don't think I'm alone in feeling this way. I see signs of it in others around me as well. Those restless feelings can be a useful thing if we take that energy and use it to take action in our lives. For myself, I know that when I try to ignore those feelings I end up feeling miserable. So for March, I decided to embrace this restless energy and direct it into my yoga practice.

I built this month’s practice around the theme of easing, or flowing, into the change of seasons. The calendar is built around the FWFG flow-specific practices. I also add the 7 videos from the RISE program to the weekend and included a few "fan favorite" videos as well. 

This month, as the world changes around us and stirs up our feelings, let’s use our yoga to embrace those feelings and use that energy to flow. All these videos can be found on the membership site or on the YWA YouTube channel.