May 2017 FWFG Yoga Calendar - STRONG

Last May I created the Yoga Strong calendar for the Yoga with Adriene community. That month was a big hit and many embraced the getting fit and strong through yoga approach.

At that time I wrote about getting in shape for summer and the role that yoga can play. I wrote about the being "Bikini Ready by Summer" talk that seems to take over our culture whenever we approach the warmer weather months. I also wrote about the pitfalls of that thinking and offered an alternative perspective.

Here we are a year later, heading toward summer in the Northern Hemisphere. I decided to focus on strength again this May since it was helpful last year. With that in mind, the theme for this month's Find What Feels Good yoga calendar is STRONG.

It is going to be a challenging month and you will build strength with Adriene's practices. Listen to your body throughout the month and if you need a rest day, take a rest day. If you need a more restorative practice one day, take it. Strength comes in many forms. Sometimes strength looks like listening to your body and resting. Use this calendar to grow strong in a way that feels good for you.

Share your journey with others by sharing the hashtags #FWFGmay2017 and #yogawithadriene.


FWFG Yoga Members: I linked to each video directly on the title for each day on the PDF of the calendar.

Non-Members: I created a YouTube playlist for you to follow each day.