November 2016 FWFG Yoga Calendar - Foundations II

Building a Yoga Foundation II with Yoga with Adriene

Last November I made my first Yoga with Adriene themed calendar. I was in the midst of recovering from a neck and shoulder injury and was looking to incorporate yoga back into my routine. But with my injury and joint hypermobility (read: extremely loose joints) I knew I needed to ease back into my practice carefully. So I decided to spend a month focusing specifically on the various poses. I made myself a calendar of Adriene's Foundations of Yoga videos and decided to share it in case it could be of use to someone else. It helped me back into my practice and ended up helping many others as well. Now it is a year and 12 calendars later and I have decided to revisit the Foundations of Yoga videos again.

I was thinking about the newest 30 Days of Yoga program by YWA coming in January and thought it might be helpful to focus the November and December calendars on preparing for it. For November we will be focusing on asanas by focusing on the individual poses in the Foundations of Yoga videos. Then in December we will focus on getting our mind ready for the next 30 Days of Yoga program.

No matter how long you have been practicing, it can be beneficial to revisit the foundational poses videos to check back in with the alignment and pick up tips that may have been missed or forgotten. Being conscientious about our movements is how we prevent injuries from occurring. 

If you want more in your daily practice for November, I suggest adding another YWA practice to your day. But don't skip over or fly through the foundation videos to get to your other practice. The asanas are a practice. I encourage you to embrace the focused nature of the foundation videos and see what you may discover along the way

Except for the *New* not yet released videos listed on Wednesdays, I have created a playlist of all the videos on YouTube for those of you who use YouTube. As for the FWFG Yoga members, I have linked to each video directly on the calendar. Just click on the practice for the day and it will take you directly to that video on the membership site on VHX. 

Let's use #ywaFoundations for November so we all can connect and share our practice experiences together.