November 2017 FWFG Yoga Calendar - Back to the Beginning

This calendar is a great one to share with your family and friends or anyone interested in trying out yoga. This month will help them learn the poses and empower them to try more practices with a solid understanding of the poses.

This calendar is also an opportunity for those of us with experience to strengthen our foundations by digging deeper into the asanas. With practice and experience, there is an opportunity to notice new things when we go back and revisit the foundations.

With a new 30 day yoga journey right around the corner in January, this is a perfect time to go back to the beginning and firm up the foundation in preparation for another month of discovery in January. 

Are you ready to go Back to the Beginning?


FWFG Yoga Members, click on the picture above to download the PDF. The videos listed on the calendar will be linked to the video for each day on the FWFG Yoga membership site. Save this PDF file to your desktop so that you can access it with ease. Just roll out your mat and click on the link for the videos for each day.

If you are not a member, I’ve got you covered too. There is only one video on this month’s calendar that is a Members Only video. For that day (Nov. 29), I have made a suggestion for you from YouTube. You can follow the playlist for the month on YouTube. All the videos, except for the new ones that are released every Sunday, are already on the playlist for you. Just bookmark this playlist and return to it every day for the month of November.

Use #FWFGnov2017 to share this journey with others who are going back to the beginning this month too.