The Junk Drawer Mind

This week I have been reminded (yet again!) of the power of yoga, the power of the daily practice, and the power of living with intention. 

Lately, my morning yoga practice had gotten derailed and was not as consistent as I wanted it to be. Many reasons for this, some really good reasons and some not so good reasons. Ultimately, the main reason? Life. 

I still tried to connect with my practice as I could throughout my days, a few asanas here, some conscious breaths there, some moments of quietness. It all was valuable, but I knew I needed to get my consistent full practice back. 

This week I got back to my morning ritual. Waking before my family, grabbing my glass of water, and rolling out my mat. First thing. Before the distractions and tasks, before the social media, before the calls on my focus, attention, and affection. A quiet time to connect with myself, to center myself, to steady myself.

Each morning when I stepped off my mat, I physically felt better than the previous day. My body welcoming the conscious movement to work out the kinks and stiffness. My mind welcoming the focus and the centering the practice provides. 

This morning I realized another benefit - my mind is right.

Life is constantly throwing so many distractions at us. And these distractions often overwhelm minds that are already full with responsibilities, weighing the big and the small decisions, guiding our children, caring for our loved ones. It all gets to be so much, so much clutter in the mind.

It's like that junk drawer that has a specific purpose to contain certain household items that don't really belong anywhere else but need to be in a central location for frequent use. And yet, the junk drawer also becomes a catch-all for items that maybe we don't know what to do with, or don't have time to tend to. Over time the junk drawer becomes so full and mixed up that we can hardly find the items that we purposely stored in there.

This is how life gets at times. Filled with things that we need, filled with things that we don't know what to do with yet, filled with things that need our attention but we don't have time to get to, and yes, also filled with things that are just junk and got mixed in, further adding to the clutter and overwhelming feelings.

My life has felt like an overfilled junk drawer lately. For probably longer than I would like to admit. But today as I was going about my morning, helping my family get set for the day, I realized that my mind felt clear. My mind felt focused, not frantically bouncing from thing to thing. My mind felt right. And I know that it is my morning yoga practice that has set my mind right again. Taking that time to move with intention, to breathe deeply, to be quiet, to care for myself before anyone else needs me, this is what has cleared out some of the clutter and reorganized my mind. This is what set my mind right.

How easy it is to forget what we need, to push aside the things that help us function best because we feel too busy or distracted for them. When the truth is, making room for intentional quiet time of self care is exactly what we need when we feel too busy or distracted to do it. 

📸: Photo by  Juan Davila

📸: Photo by Juan Davila