Choices, Chances, Changes

"Three C's in Life: choices, chances, changes. You must make a CHOICE to take a CHANCE or your life will never CHANGE."

If change requires us to take a chance and make a choice, then is it also true that if we don't take a chance then we are choosing to not change?

We may deeply want to change something but the fear holds us back and leaves us stagnant and uncertain. But what we may not see is that by allowing the fear to halt our steps, we are actually choosing to not change.

When I stop and think about that, it opens my eyes to all the choices I have made by not making a choice. And if that's the truth then all those times I felt like I couldn't make a choice, I was making a choice by default. But I wasn't making a choice for something I wanted; I was letting fear decide.

Life can be hard and the path is not always clear. But if I am making choices either way, I sure would rather be picking my path then letting fear make the choice by default.